The concept of “cuisine eme, which we perceive in terms of food and beverage culture, is a very wide world. A special field called astr gastronomy yönelik has also been developed for this field. Gastronom, with its dictionary meaning, means kişi the person who has the palate taste and who understands the food ”.

The experts in this field evaluate the dishes of different cuisines and share their opinions in the channels they form as a result of written and visual media or individual initiatives. Gastronomy is also on the way to becoming an interesting occupation that is rapidly becoming widespread and accepted.

Kitchens are designed in many formats in accordance with the needs and conditions of the period during the historical development process.

For a period, the kitchens, which were established out of the houses, were taken into the houses over time and their dimensions varied according to the size of the house, the number of the inhabitants and the need.

Turkish cuisine, which is a very rich cuisine, is inspired by Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisines.



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