American Flavor Popcorn In Butter

Hello everyone, friends now that I will give the recipe for popcorn in my article, but before passing the tariff, let’s look at who found the first corn and corn where we will look at them today.

Of course, Egypt is a plant that came from America to Europe and from there to Asia.

Spain, southern France, Italy 1530 in 20 years has spread to the eastern Mediterranean, from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt also began the cultivation of corn in Egypt to the author of the Encyclopedia 1540 France was brought by our ancestors here in Los from Iran, a German wrote of the corn first, turkey was seen on the plains of the Euphrates was brought to Spain in the following centuries spread through the Balkans to Romania and from there spread to France and from France to all of Europe in the 18th century found in Egypt first, grew up in America, according to what Indian Indians there eating popcorn ornament their necks as they wore the words white popcorn from the discovery of America was defeated in according to the legend, the pilgrims popcorn at the Thanksgiving table made from deer skins they ate 1600 Reis abstract, Season the popcorn in the bags brought bat in a cave in Mexico nimeks 4000-year-old fossils seen the explosion of the humidity rate was 12 percent for Egypt popcorn, fall under the control of each Corn type popcorn 1880s was the first instrument it won’t explode, and finally, threw with the spread of television to the cinema nowadays, the activity drinking alcohol while performing a chat while watching too many movies while everyone eats and loves all the corn
Now let’s get back to the topic How to make a recipe for Popcorn With Butter.

As is known, popcorn, known as American flavor, is now blended with caramel corn sweetener with butter and comes in front of us and we eat.

How to make corn with butter

Medium butter in a deep saucepan on the stove captures the heat discarded is taken in 200 grams after butter melts, then is poured into 100 unexploded Egypt begin to scorch, be careful, the corn gets very hot and then suddenly will begin to explode, explode, explode for him may come upon you and the oils does not immediately cover the pot and 200 grams of butter 5 grams of salt, 100 grams of corn start to shake the pot we throw into the pot anyway.

To make a great corn with butter, just read the entire article and you will all like an amazing recipe.

Required equipment

  • 1 fire furnace
  • 1 small deep pan
  • a wooden spoon
  • Required materials
  • 200 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of popcorn
  • grams sea salt


first, you produce butter in a separate container that separates the water from the milk fat in the butter, so if you do not parse the water in the butter because of the dark black color is taken and the taste of the phone inside the milk in the light of the butter because of the heat you need to take milk.

I want to thank every one of you for reading my article and your comments does he know stay tuned, I’m going to give myself to you anyway like him a lot organic recipes you can trust me because I’m a Cook-made for him with a clear conscience and I offer you with you always narrated my recipes I have added to my blog, you can apply if you want to be a subscriber to percent of news, you can be systematic.


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