Lemon vinegrette lemon sauce

  • Shell 400 grams of water 40 gramsof lemon,
  • white wine vinegar, 100 grams
  • of sugar 25 grams,
  • salt 5 grams,
  • 10 grams of pepper,
  • 1500 grams of olive oil
  • of sunflower oil, 500 pounds

its making

Respectively, then we take a pot of mayonnaise olive oil olive oil of all other liquids and solids except you have to be cold cold olive oil mayonnaise, olive oil and sunflower oil into a pot with the help of a blender we pour into the mixture a little mix mix so we’re feeding on our hands is not a pot of mayonnaise on the one hand, the olive oil, the olive oil poured as we’re shooting so withdrew the other hand mixer the mixer leaves as we inhale we are continuing to add olive oil until the olive oil is already processing continues, you’ll see the sauce get the right consistency to bind itself to after connecting to the sauce will continue to oil lemon sauce banana ready so simple Mr. Bay

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