How to make garlic sauce with yogurt recip

Garlic sauce with yogurt

500 grams of filtered yogurt
200 grams of mayonnaise
Mexican pepper 2 pieces
lemon juice 10 millimeter
5 grams of lemon peel
garlic 1 tooth
3 grams of salt
1 gram of black pepper
5 grams
1 gram of fresh thyme
Rose Mary 1 gram
2 grams of fresh mint
20 grams of olive oil

How to prepare

First of all the necessary materials 1 mayonnaise pot 1 whisk wire after the scale we can go to the recipe yoghurt and mayonnaise mayonnaise add the sauce to the meat then add the lemon juice often lemon shell horse salt horse black pepper at the finely ground basilli fresh kiki new right and fresh, fresh and new Add to this the man family pots of yogurt with mayonnaise and then the garlics are thin thin like the outside of the mouse and add to the mayonnaise sauce, which is a tiny tiny non-mouse size in Mexican pepper, add the last olive oil and mix it with the whisk for about 2 to 3 minutes. Those who want to follow the contents for the new one who can follow me on social media can follow me on the social media.


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